God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter Eleven

The scriptures proclaim that God is Love 1 John 4:16 and God shows His Love in that He is still drawing His creation to himself even in the midst of His wrath. God sends two prophets to earth for most of the Seventieth Week to draw all remaining mankind to Him and to persuade them not to take the “mark” of the anti-christ.

Many are persuaded not to take the mark and paid with their lives. The fifth seal talks about the Tribulation Saints in a spiritual sense as they are "under the altar". The Tribulation Saints are treated as were the people of the Old Testament covenant. Some of the people have been killed but more will be killed. The martyrs were given forgiveness symbolized by the giving of the "white robes". Remember their sins are not paid by their deaths but by their faith in the innocent shed "Blood of the Lamb". Revelation 6:9-11

Around the 76th month God’s two witnesses (thought to be Enoch and Elijah) are killed, resurrected, and ascend into heaven. Please note that the same term is used "come up hither" as in 4:1 announcing the Rapture of the Church. This is the same time the demons are released from the bottomless pit. The beast that came out of the bottomless pit enters into the anti-christ and is the person who kills the two prophets. After 3 1/2 days the prophets come back to life and ascend into heaven right in front of live television for all to see. This happens right in Jerusalem. Revelation 11:7-13 Remember the anti-christ has set himself up as god and has desecrated the temple in Jerusalem.