God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter Four

After the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way by the rapture of the believers, in whom the Holy Spirit of God dwelt, several important events will be allowed to occur. 1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Thessalonians Ch.2   Religions of the world will be allowed to come together under one banner except Judaism. Islam has a goal of becoming the one world religion but cannot accomplish this goal without a time of peace. This is the way Mohammad took Mecca in the sixth century.

This ecumenical fusion of the religions will have begun to take place well before the rapture and will be allowed to culminate after the rapture. This fusion will be very evident with peace between the Islamic factions and then finally with Rome. The focus of the religious and political world will now be with Israel.

 I believe this pro-Islamic world leader will now convince the world as a whole to make peace with Israel and thus the “Peace Contract” that will set in motion the “Seventieth Week Clock” of the vision of the Prophet Daniel. The temple will be allowed to be built and Israel will be allowed to worship during this time until the peace contract is broken. Now we already know from history that a “peace contract” in Islamic terms is only a “cease fire”. When the time is right the peace will be broken.