God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter One

Almighty God created the heavens and the earth. Adam and Eve sinned. (Genesis Ch.1 to Ch.3) God showed them that an innocent animal without blemish must be sacrificed annually as payment for their sins. This is evident by the story of Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve. (Genesis Ch.6)

An innocent blood sacrifice was taught throughout the ages. Moses wrote down God’s history and laws in the first five books of the Bible. We find the innocent blood sacrifice during the tenth plague on Egypt that freed the Jewish people from captivity. Innocent blood was applied to the door posts of each home that wanted the death angel to pass over them and not kill their firstborn son. This night is remembered this day as the Passover. (Exodus Ch.12)

The Jewish people worshipped God, sinned by worshipping other gods, fell into captivity, and repented turning back to their true God many times throughout the Old Testament. Many prophets of God spoke hundreds of prophecies concerning God’s Savior for the human race. These prophecies are recorded so we would know without any doubt that Jesus is our Savior, the Lamb of God, as proclaimed by John the Baptist. (Matthew Ch.3; Mark Ch.1; Luke Ch.3; John Ch.1)

Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah or Savior would be born of a virgin in the small town of Bethlehem. (Isaiah Ch.7; Micah Ch.5) Jesus had to be born of a virgin so the sin-nature would not pass onto Him (Psalm 51) making Jesus the only person eligible to be our innocent sacrifice once and for all. Remember God’s law demands an innocent sacrifice as payment for the sin of mankind. God, being Spirit, inhabited the body of Jesus giving Jesus the power to stand against all the temptations of satan and stay sinless to the cross. (2 Corinthians Ch.5; Romans Ch.5; John 8:46)

As explained through all the letters of Paul, Peter, John, and others of the New Testament you are called to accept the fact that you have sinned and that you need a Savior to be able to stand in the presence of your Creator God with assurance. (1 John Ch.5) The Spirit of God fills the universe (Psalm Ch.139) and wants to love and fellowship with you. (Revelation 3:20)

Right now, take a moment before your Creator God, being Spirit (John Ch.4), to accept the innocent blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ as your payment for your sins forever by faith. (Hebrews Ch.11) Ask God to come in, fellowship with you, and help you do what He wants you to do. Too simple? It wasn’t simple for Jesus. Just say “thank you” and accept God’s totally free gift. (Ephesians 2:8,9) Afraid of giving up some fun? Don’t allow yourself to be deceived. Sin is only fun for a moment and then sin ultimately brings eternal death. (Romans Ch.3) Believe me, your freedom from sin is ultimate joy. (1 Peter Ch.1)

If you have taken this moment to accept God’s free gift of salvation for yourself, congratulations and welcome to assurance of eternity with your Creator God as long as you hold on to the faith. (1 John 5:13) If you have not, please let it be known that God loves you and He has made a way of escape for you. (Romans 5:8; John Ch.3) Hell was created only for satan and the angels that followed him. (Matthew 25:41) Please do not force God’s hand against you. Jesus Christ shed His innocent blood as payment for all your sins.

Sin is only paid by an innocent blood sacrifice. Since God has come in the form of Jesus Christ to pay for your sin once and for all; Old Testament animal sacrifices will not be sufficient. You must put your faith in what Jesus has accomplished for you on the cross around 30 AD on a hill outside of Jerusalem. (John Ch.14)