God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter Seven

Chapter 6 begins to explain the happening on earth at the time of the “peace contract”. The anti-christ (remember the two heads of the anti-christ-political and spiritual) with a bow and NO arrows. This is a time of peace. The anti-christ calms concerns revolving the Christians taken in the Rapture. He calms warring between Israel and her enemies which now seem to be ISIS and the Muslim world. He also brings together the religions of the world for peace. Revelation 6:2

The woman (Jewish people) is given sanctuary or peace which lasts only 1,260 days or half of the seventieth week. I assume the peace contract itself was meant to be “ongoing and never ending”. Jesus proclaims that the peace will be broken after precisely 1,260 days after it is signed. The 1,260 days translates into exactly 42 months or 3½ years by the 30-day Jewish calendar. Revelation 12:6

The first verse of chapter 13 talks about the anti-christ right after the Rapture of the Church. Many times this person is thought to come out of the original ten nation European Union known as the revived Roman Empire or the ten toes of iron and clay of Daniel's vision. The beast also has more than one head. I believe the political beast (The Main Figurehead) does come out of the European Union and is linked to Islam and its "movement" to spread Islam worldwide. The spiritual head of the beast is also "Islamic based" but comes on the scene around the time that the peace (Cease Fire) is broken in the 43rd month. Revelation 13:1

As mentioned earlier, worldwide religion comes together to join an alliance for peace and the beginning of chapter 17 explain the great whore (religion) that rides the beast. The beast uses the great whore to draw men away from the Truth of God. It is proclaimed that the great whore comes from the city that sits on seven hills (Rome). The woman rides the "red" colored beast with ten horns and seven heads. Rome and religion itself have killed more people in the name of god than any war throughout history. Revelation 17:1-7

Verses 1 through 6 of chapter 11 give us a vision of the temple with the rituals that will be performed in Jerusalem during the time of peace and safety. It also talks about the two witnesses who proclaim the Gospel as prophets did in the Old Testament as this period is now under the Old Testament, the last week of years (7 years) as in Daniel's vision. Some believe these two prophets to be Elijah and Enoch who are the only humans never to taste death.

            The Holy Spirit does not inhabit mankind as during the "Time of the Gentiles". 1 Corinthians 6:19  God speaks only through certain people at a certain time as in the Old Testament. The two prophets are protected by God to witness on the earth for 2,260 days which is 75 1/3 months according to the 30 day Jewish calendar. The time of peace is to be only 42 months or 3 1/2 years. This is the time of peace that the Jews are able to worship in the temple that is to be built. Revelation 11:1-6