God's Revelation Simplified - Chapter Ten

Remember that the religious world have made a compact with Islam in the name of peace. God has planted in each human the need to fellowship with Him. Now we know that the only way to fellowship with our Creator God is to have our sin cleansed as if we never sinned. This is why that trusting in the innocent shed blood of Jesus as payment for our sins is the only way to justify ourselves and make ourselves worthy to fellowship with our Creator God filling the void within each of us.

Throughout the ages man has tried to fill the God-given void with many different pleasures that never fill the “God” void within each person. Since pleasures cannot fill the void the devil created “religion” to fool mankind into thinking they can be good enough to fill the void in our lives. Religion has been very successful stealing money, time, and ruining lives with rituals that do nothing to please our Creator God.

The great whore represents the world’s religions and she gives her power and allegiance over to the political anti-christ. The ten horns in this scripture are ten kings and the seven heads are seven mountains on which the whore sits. This is part of Daniel’s vision as well as John’s vision. Revelation 17:8-13; Daniel Ch.20

The affect that the city of Babylon (city on seven mountains-thought to be Rome) now recognized as the world’s religions had on the rest of the world is explained in these verses. The devil used the deception of religion in so many forms to draw man away from the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Man tried to please their gods by their works or they did not believe in a god at all because of the deception caused by religion. The simple truth of God's grace was kept from them by crafty counterfeits for thousands of years sending the majority of mankind to an eternity apart from their loving Creator God. Revelation 18:1-24

About the 75th month John sees the saints in heaven around the throne rejoicing as they see satan thrown to earth and the great whore (world’s religions) destroyed by the ten kings of the earth. The world turns its back on religion once and for all because they now know that they have been deceived by her and had their riches stolen by her. The ten kings give their power and allegiance over to the political anti-christ. Revelation 15:1-8; 17:14-18; 19:1-10