Congratulations on Your Decision

Making a decision to trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as payment for your sin is your very key to true Liberty.

You are completely perfect in the eyes of your Creator, Almighty God, because the blood of Christ now covers all of your sin. This perfect covering allows you to have a one -on-one personal relationship with God.

The Bible says that your body is God's dwelling place or temple when you invite Him into your life. You have invited Him into your life by your decision to accept His forgiveness through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This means that God's Spirit dwells with your spirit inside of you. This is how God can help you be the person you want to be.

Enjoy your new freedom from past sin. You are free from guilt. God has forgiven you of ALL your sin.

Read the Bible daily to know what is right and dwell on the wonderful promises of God.

Fellowship with God daily through prayer. Talk with Him like He is your closest friend who will never leave you and never hurt you.