Second Step To Liberty

Your second step is to understand that God has made a Way for you to be perfect before Him.

Your ONLY requirement is that you accept God's Way and only God's Way. Many refuse God's Way because it is too easy or it does not make human common sense. Please do not be one of those people.

God, Himself, lived on this earth in the body of Jesus Christ. Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary, so that he would not have a sin nature passed down by Adam (through the man). God lived a sinless human life in the body of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

God allowed Jesus to be sacraficed on a Roman cross. Just before God placed your sin on Jesus, God left Jesus, as God cannot sin. This sacrafice is the payment once and for all your sins. This payment makes you sinless and perfect before God.

On the third day God entered Jesus again and brought him back to life. Jesus lives and so we live with him. Death is only our portal to eternal communion with God.

Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies of the Old Testament in the Bible with His life on earth validating the fact that He was God in a human body. You can read about Jesus throughout the New Testament of the Bible.

Your second step is to accept God's Sacraficial Gift as Your payment for Your sins. Remember your good deeds have no effect toward God's acceptance.